Refund Policy

Mts Globalz Business guarantees complete client satisfaction. The entire design order price will be returned in the event that there are any duplicate charges as a result of processing errors, any specific designing needs are not met, or your design order cannot be completed in accordance with the delivery policy.

Your refund would be handled in accordance with the table below:

All refund requests will be honored in accordance with the following scheme:

You would be eligible for a return of 66% (minus a 10% service and processing fee) if your refund request was submitted within 48 hours.
You would be entitled to a 33% refund (minus a 10% service and processing fee) if your request for a refund is submitted within 48 and 120 hours.
We don’t accept refund requests beyond 120 hours of your original design delivery, however, as we aim for 100% customer satisfaction, we invite you to get in touch with us if you have any problems.
The amount the customer has paid is not recoverable if he fails to present the project briefing and needs within the allotted time frame.
All refund requests must be made known to the support team. Based on the breach of your user agreement, Mts Globalz maintains the right to grant or deny your request in each individual instance. How to request a refund
Please ensure you meet the following requirements to ensure your refund request is approved:

Contact us to get your refund and explain your issue.
We will do our best to allay your worries immediately by applying our revision procedure, or else our refund department will send you an email approving your request for a refund.
Following the reimbursement, Mts Globalz would obtain your design rights, and you would not be permitted to exhibit any iteration of the company’s design. Let’s clarify further:

You acknowledge that, upon such transfer of the design rights to the Company, you shall have no right (direct or indirect) to utilize any answer or other content, work product, or media, and shall have no right, title, or interest in or to any such response or other content, work product, or media.
Mts Globalz would share copyright acquisition information for the returned designs with the government copyright agencies in order to prevent the designs from being used again as original designs in the future.
Please click here to contact us if you have any queries or issues regarding our refund policy. Contact us, at

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